Today’s viral campaigns may seem like jackpots in a one-in-a-million lottery, but it turns out they are well within the reach of any marketing team’s grasp. All it takes is knowing the secret ingredients behind some of the world’s most talked-about campaigns.

By reverse-engineering each element of a successful viral campaign in your industry, Tod Maffin will show your audience the key markers that can launch a campaign into the viral stratosphere — markers that can be programmed into the smallest budgets.

He will literally “deconstruct” a viral campaign, piece by piece, then show your group how to re-assemble a campaign for their own organization.

And, using his methodology, he’ll detail for your attendees each of the six action steps required for launching an impactful and measurable viral campaign.

After attending this session, your attendees will know HOW TO:

  • Develop a marketing campaign that is much more likely to “go viral”
  • Convert a brand takeover attempt to a viral mini-campaign
  • Create your own ACC-Matching grid to microtarget exactly the right viral influencers
  • Craft the right Stunning, Serious, or Silly tone which will resonate with your targets
  • Reward and incentivize people who help spread your campaign
  • Deliver continued successive rounds to dramatically boost virality